Small Party Venue Calgary

Are you Looking for a Small Party Event Venue in Calgary?

Skunkworks Distillery is a moonshine distillery with the added bonus of having an amazing unique event venue in our tasting room.  The tasting room / event space is the perfect venue for private events, corporate events, a wedding reception, private cocktail receptions or birthday party and other small parties.  

Amazing Events and Memorable Parties

Are you looking for a unique experience for your small party, staffing event, team party or night out?

Skunkworks Distillery has an incredible moonshine tasting room, perfect as a party room rental.  If you are looking for a small event venue for your next party where fun experiences are had and unforgettable memories are made, we would love to be your host.  

Skunkworks Distillery stands out as an exceptional choice for hosting your small party event. Amidst the myriad of event venues available, we offer a unique and compelling experience. What sets us apart is the exclusivity we provide – the entire venue becomes yours for the night. This means you and your guests can enjoy a private and intimate setting, ensuring that your event is tailored precisely to your vision. From the inviting ambiance of our space to the quality of our crafted moonshine cocktails, every aspect contributes to a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Make your small party truly special with Skunkworks Distillery as your distinctive event venue.

More info about our venue

Our cool and unique small venue is one of a kind and located conveniently in the barley belt of Calgary only 20 minutes from the Calgary international airport and 9 minutes from downtown Calgary.

Our team is skilled in catering to a diverse array of occasions, ranging from private events like funerals and wakes, to vibrant corporate outings and parties. We also specialize in creating memorable experiences for weddings, birthday celebrations, and live music events. With our professional event coordinators, we can craft a unique setting that aligns precisely with your vision, ensuring every detail is tailored to your needs, creating a memorable event.

Our quaint event space comfortably accommodates up to 60 guests indoors, perfect for intimate gatherings. During the summer months, our expansive outdoor patio, complete with a stage and additional seating, offers an ideal setting for larger events under the open sky.

We take immense joy in hosting various events at our stunning venue and are always excited to share its charm with others. Finding event spaces and unique venues in Calgary, AB, can be challenging, but at Skunkworks, we make it easy. For an unforgettable experience, consider us your all-in-one destination for your next event or special occasion.

Can Skunkworks be used as a Private Meeting Space?

Yes definitely, we can accommodate business meetings or a private event during the day as well.  

What Does a Small Party Events Venue Typically Have?

When you're looking for smaller party venues, here are a few things that you can typically expect to be included in the rental, although the specifics can vary based on the venue and the package you choose.

A small party venue will come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to know what you are getting. 

Space: With venues, you're primarily paying for the space itself. The size and capacity can vary widely, so be sure you're picking a venue that's appropriate for your guest count.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We have space for 60 adults inside and 150 adults outside on our summer patio. We often set up event tents outside to guard against weather uncertainties. Our event venue is all on the main floor which is easy access for any set up and take down and also for your guests.  You also get the entire restaurant feel with your venue rentals, meaning you get the whole space.  

Basic Furniture: Most venues will provide basic furniture like tables, chairs, and perhaps some lounge furniture. You might need to pay extra or bring your own if you have specific needs or desires for furniture.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We have three general seating areas.  One is a large seating area with couches and chairs, we also have a secondary seating area with tables, chairs and some stools. The third area is at the bar where we have stools for moonshine tasting. 

Basic Amenities: You can usually count on the venue providing restrooms and, depending on the venue, possibly a basic kitchen or at least a food preparation area.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We are equipped with two washrooms and offer a simple yet delightful food selection from our kitchen. For parties seeking a more extensive culinary variety, we encourage you to consider external catering options. While we warmly welcome catering companies to enhance your event, please note that our facility does not provide additional kitchen access for their use.

Staff: Some venues might include basic staff in their rental fee. This could be a venue coordinator who helps make sure your event runs smoothly, or it could include serving staff if the venue also provides catering.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We pride ourselves on having an outstanding staff and events team, truly the best in the business! As the proud owners and operators of the venue, we are always on hand to address your queries and ensure that your event is a spectacular success. Our personal touch and dedicated attention to detail guarantee an amazing experience for you and your guests!

Catering and Drinks: Some venues have in-house catering and bar services. In some cases, you might be required to use their services, while in others you might have the freedom to bring your own caterer.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We do have a main dining room, a bar menu and a basic food menu that you can see on our website.

We don't have our own catering outside of this, but welcome catering from other companies for the event.  We love a good birthday type party and definitely welcome people bringing in their own cakes or sweets for the event. 

Audio/Visual Equipment: If you're planning on having speeches, presentations, or music, check if the party venue provides AV equipment and what the charges are for using it.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We LOVE live music and have artists and bands in all the time.  We have a full PA and some basic lighting to help make the night awesome.  We can definitely work with you to find live music for your event if that is something you want.  

We can also accommodate DJ's or just a simple iPod playlist.  For things like a birthday party, or a anniversary party or a company party we can also supply the music through our Sonos system and our playlists.  

Clean-up and Breakdown: Some venues might include clean-up and breakdown in their rental fee, while others may charge extra for these services or require you to handle them yourself.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We definitely include cleanup.  However if you bring decorations or additional things to the venue we will need you to remove them after the event. 

Private Dining Room: Often a larger venue will have a private dining room along with the event room or party room or private room.  Most smaller venues will not have this as the main room is the main room.  

AT SKUNKWORKS - Our entire tasting room is our private dining room.  We don't have another room that you can use for this.  We do have a music studio in the back that can act as a green room or a private changing room if that is required.  

Decor: A few venues might provide basic decor like table linens or lighting, though this isn't as common and usually comes at an extra cost.

AT SKUNKWORKS - We have a great space, and and have styled it in a cool, vintage, industrial vibe.  We don't really have a set of additional decorations.  However you are welcome to bring in a few things, and of course arrange our furniture in a way that suits your event.  Chat with us about what you are looking for and we can definitely make it work to meet your ideal setting. 

We are located in Calgary AB, and we do birthday parties, wakes, funerals, weddings, corporate events and even your next Christmas party.  If you are looking for a small party venue Calgary we have your spot.