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Proper Moonshine

Starting with our smooth neutral base, we make a variety of products to suit any palette, everything from premium high-proof spirits to easy-drinking cocktails in can.

Check out the list and descriptions below!


40% ABV

Our signature premium Moonshine, smooth and a little creamy. Enjoy on the rocks or in any cocktail!

750 mL and 200 mL sizes

Hypersonic Moonshine

55% ABV

110 proof Moonshine, super smooth and amazing in cocktails. 

750 mL and 200 mL sizes

Desert Moon

40% ABV

Moonshine infused with Middle Eastern spices (cardamon, saffron, coffee), making it a fantastic complex addition to cocktails like the Negroni or an Old Fashioned, and is great on the rocks. 

750 mL and 200 mL


40% ABV

Moonshine infused with Hibiscus flowers. Great for Margaritas, 

Martinis, etc. 

750 mL and 200 mL

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in a Can

These are the most popular cocktails in our tasting room, so we put them in a can. With all natural ingredients, these gluten free cocktails are light & refreshing.

Moonshine Mule

4% ABV

Our most popular RTD, this super gingery & super spicy ginger beer cocktail is made with our Ginger Simple Syrup & lime juice.

Skunk n Soda

5% ABV

Simple, light, and refreshing, with a touch of lime juice for the citrus lover

Ultraviolet Night

5% ABV

Refreshing and unique, made with our Lavender Simple Syrup.

Birdie Juice

20% ABV

A fun & refreshing drink engineered specifically for golfers. Take this flask on course to celebrate all your birdies! (Also acceptable to use for Apres-ski.)

200 mL and 60 mL sizes available

Orange           Cosmic Blue

Tropical          Lemonade 

Black Cherry 

Easy-Mix Cocktails

Want to make a delicious cocktail but don't want to search for all the ingredients? We've made it easy for you! These pre-mixed cocktail bottles are ready to enjoy - just add soda or water to taste.  200 mL |  40% ABV

Dark Side

(of the Moonshine)

Made with our Desert Moon spirit as the base, this one is dark, smokey, and complex.

Orange Moon

Citrus and sweet but with no sugar. This cocktail strikes a balance, being both interesting but approachable.


We were searching for the perfect vermouth to compliment our moonshine martinis, but decided we had to do it ourselves! Great in the martini, but also nice on ice or with soda.

Available in 750 mL and 200 mL bottles.

Simple Syrups

For cocktail flavouring, or put it on your pancakes. We won't judge. Choose from:

Plain  An easy way to add a touch of sweetness without compromising colour or flavour.

Ginger Packed with ginger root & brown sugar, this spicy syrup launches your Mule cocktail over the moon!

Lavender  Made from lavender flowers and sugar, fantastic flavour for the Ultraviolet Night cocktails.

Hibiscus Made from hibiscus flowers, a great complement to Moonwater spirit cocktails.