The Distillery

Proper Moonshine

Have you tried moonshine? Do you have a famous or infamous story from it?

Traditionally, moonshine is a home-made spirit, where the quality of the product depends on the craftsman. You might have gotten some great sippin' shine or something that would be better used to raise the octane in your gasoline!

At Skunkworks Distillery, our goal is to make the smoothest moonshine on this planet. It's made from local ingredients including sugar beets grown in Alberta and refined in Taber. We are selective with our cuts, taking only the heart of the hearts, to ensure our product is smooth on the tongue wtih a soft finish. In short, we make Proper Shine!

The distillery is located in Calgary's thriving Barley Belt - home to countless craft alcohol makers - breweries, distilleries, wineries, and cideries! Come taste our products in our cocktail room, take in some music, or tour the other great establishments in our neighbourhood!